about us

VLOED (meaning flow or flood) is a new interdisciplinary art project in Leiden, focussing on the relationship between humans and the sea. Artists, writers and thinkers are involved to explore this relationship. It can be thought of as a form of artistic relationship therapy. By intertwining artistic expression with scientific insight and public engagement, VLOED aspires to foster a deeper understanding of our relationship with the sea and nature.

Stories of the struggle against water are part of Dutch history and the struggle played a major role in shaping the cultural landscape. Dikes and dams were build to protect the nation from the sea’s potential threats. The North Sea Flood of 1953 prompted the development of the innovative Delta Works. Over the years, the North Sea also become a space for shipping, fishing, sand mining, and the establishment of oil and gas platforms, as well as wind farms.

Due to climate change, the sea level is rising and this is a pressing concern. VLOED explores how we can change our perspective and language on the sea and nature, also challenging modern day western views on nature.

VLOED departs from the idea that art can be a powerful tool for developing new language and cultivate new ways of thinking. Artists are therefore invited to collaborate on the theme. Their ideas, performances and installations become the catalysts for meaningful conversations. Scientists, policy makers and the public are invited to respond to the presented visions and questions.

invitation | February 22

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