We invite you to the new exhibition VLOED, which will open on Thursday, February 22 in the pop-up exhibition space at Pieterskerkhof 4a in Leiden. 

VLOED is an interdisciplinary project about the relationship between people and the sea. This exhibition features works by artists Julia July van Duijn, Jos Agasi and Studio Wantij. Gideon Roggeveen will give a performance during the opening.

Walk-in 5 p.m. | Opening 5:30 p.m.
Location: Pieterskerkhof 4a, Leiden

Julia July van Duijn and Jos Agasi

We present a special collaboration between two artists from Leiden.

Julia July van Duijn is a graphic designer and artist. She studied at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam and has been part of the artist collective ROEM since 2019. Julia’s creative drive focuses on exploring the possibilities of visual communication through a mix of techniques and research methods. Her autonomous research work includes ‘Rethinking Nature’ (nominated for the Rotterdam Drempelprijs 2021) and “Isolation Sounds” (a collaborative project with Museum de Lakenhal).

Jos Agasi is a visual artist. For years he collaborated with other artists to create audiovisual installations for (inter)national events and festivals. Since 2019, he has been making autonomous work and focusing more on long-term projects. In 2022 he was part of the exhibition ‘Imagine Intuition’ at Museum De Lakenhal and in 2023 his work ‘SEIN’ was part of art manifestation Hi-Lo. In his work, Agasi likes to look at light as a source material and explore its relationship with other materials, but recently he has also been looking for other ways to shape his visual thinking.

Studio Wantij

Tom Bekkers and Quérine van der Weijde form Wantij, an art collective that focuses on the relationship between man and nature. By combining history, philosophy, and non-human perspectives, they make major ecological themes insightful and palpable. They use the ambiguity and eternal change of water to explore what it means to live in our time.